Why HealthBridge?

Why HealthBridge?

HealthBridge has a distinctive care model:

  • Industry leading high staff-to-patient ratio
  • Hospital-like services in a family-friendly, community-based setting
  • 24-hour specialty nursing care
  • Advanced medical and therapy technology and services
  • Proven treatment experience in traumatic and acquired brain injury rehabilitation and spinal cord rehabilitation
  • Experience in treating medically complex cases requiring ventilator care, oxygen, tracheostomy tubes, gastrointestinal tubes and intravenous therapy

Our specialized care model has proven successful in helping patients regain their highest possible level of functioning.

Every step in patient recovery can make a big difference

Our care teams treat the same patients on a daily basis, making them better able to detect even small improvements in functioning. A patient’s individualized care plan can be immediately altered as necessary to promote further progress in complex care and rehabilitation.

We have no limits on age…or recovery potential

Catastrophic injuries or illnesses can happen to anyone at any time in their life. HealthBridge’s innovative facility design, proactive patient care and proven experience result in fewer re-hospitalization discharges and greater quality of life improvements for patients.

HealthBridge…Where specialized care begins and hope never ends

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