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We offer the highest quality specialized care services with individualized care plans, 24/7 care, high staff-to-patient ratios and intense nursing — all in a family-friendly, community-based environment.

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Learn about our pioneering approach to complex care and rehabilitation designed to bring about the best chance for optimal independence.

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Managing medically complex care and rehabilitation needs

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Making the right health decisions, especially when it comes to managing medically complex care and rehabilitation needs, can be extremely difficult. Whether for yourself or your loved one, we all want the highest quality post-acute care services with the most positive outcomes possible and the best chance at independent living. Yet, finding that critical transitional support is downright tough, complicated and scary for everyone involved.

That’s where HealthBridge comes in. We are a leading rehabilitation and transitional care facility with proven clinical treatments, therapeutic protocols, and large rehab gyms with the latest equipment and assisted devices.

Our specialized care facilities strike a much-needed balance for this unique type of care. We are a premier rehabilitation facility with state-of-the-art therapy rooms, cutting-edge equipment, proven clinical treatments and therapeutic tools, while offering a pleasant, family-friendly environment with the comforts of home.

It starts with a strong medical team led by expert physicians, skilled nursing and well-trained health professionals, which includes physical, occupational, speech, respiratory and neuropsychological therapists. In settings designed for maximum comfort, patients receive personalized care plans with daily, one-on-one support from expert nurses and therapists.

HealthBridge is pleased to offer our patients the highest-quality complex care and rehabilitation support today. Our goal is to be the essential bridge on a patient’s journey between the hospital and recovery. That’s our commitment to you.

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“By the time she left our facility, she was able to play with toys, brush her own hair and blow kisses.”…

In January 2023, six-year-old Kaslyn D. suffered from a series of cardiac and neurological emergencies. She was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and required several surgeries and treatment. During her time at CHOC, Kaslyn went into cardiac arrest multiple times. Thanks to the life saving measures offered by her stellar care team, Kaslyn was stabilized and sent HealthBridge Children’s Hospital (HBOC) on March 3.

When she was admitted to HealthBridge, Kaslyn was non-ambulatory, non vocal, and unable to fulfill the simplest of tasks like sitting up and eating without extensive assistance. With aggressive physical, speech and occupational therapy while at HealthBridge, Kaslyn was eventually able to return home in May.

While at HBOC, an integrated team of specialized rehabilitation professionals began working with her on every part of her interdisciplinary care plan.

Thanks to ongoing intensive physical therapy, after one month, Kasyln was able to walk out of the facility with minimal assist. The team of speech therapists was concerned with Kaslyn’s vocabulary upon admittance to HealthBridge. Her speech was limited to 1-2 word repetitive phrases, but when she went home she was able to speak in simple sentences and communicate her needs. Our occupational therapy team spent countless hours working with her to improve her range of motion and develop compensatory strategies for her vision loss. By the time she left our facility, she was able to play with toys, brush her own hair and blow kisses.

In addition to intensive rehabilitation therapy, the HealthBridge team credits Kasyln’s miraculous improvement to a variety of factors: the significant and successful foundation created by the clinical team at CHOC; Kaslyn’s strong will, bravery and positive attitude; and Kasyn’s family who never gave up on her.

To read more about Kaslyn’s entire healthcare journey from Children’s Hospital of Orange County, click below.


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