Medically Complex Illness / Injury

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Specialized Care for Medically Complex Illness and Injury

As medically complex patients begin their recovery, HealthBridge provides 24/7 care that helps them reach their therapeutic goals

We’ve learned there is no single solution to caring for catastrophic injuries and illnesses. More importantly, we understand that pulmonary illnesses or diseases can compound the complexity of treating patients who have been in a car accident or suffer from congenital anomalies.

The HealthBridge Difference

Our industry-leading high staff-to-patient ratios and adherence to state and national standards provides slow-to-progress, medically complex patients with unmatched care management. These patients and their families are given real hope for the maximum recovery potential at HealthBridge complex care and rehabilitation nursing facilities. The HealthBridge difference is evidenced in our ability to:

  • Offer complete ventilator nursing care, including weaning patients with pulmonary illnesses from a ventilator and/or tracheostomy
  • Treat neuromuscular disorders that attack the nerves in muscles and hinder a person’s ability to control bodily movements
  • Care for congenital anomalies that cause spinal malformations and critically affect vital organs
  • Provide active spinal cord rehabilitation and brain injury care

Areas of Expertise

HealthBridge offers quality care for medically complex patients experiencing a wide variety of illnesses and medical complications. While our experienced staff are prepared to create a custom care plan to fit your specific needs, commonly provided services in our facilities include:

Medically Complex

Acquired Brain Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

  • All levels, including halo care


Neuromuscular Disease Treatment

Congenital Anomalies & Multisystem Disease

  • Brain and spinal cord malformations
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Cardiac and respiratory malformations

Complex Orthopedics

  • Multiple trauma/fractures (external fixator care)
  • Non-weightbearing
  • Amputee care

Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Immunosuppressed isolation
  • Management of pain, fatigue, and other side effects

Of course, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. But, with HealthBridge’s experienced care team and individualized care plans, every small step provides hope for patients and their families.

HealthBridge…Where specialized care begins and hope never ends

Commonly Asked Questions

A medically complex illness or injury is a serious debilitating condition that often affects a variety of organs, including the brain, heart and lungs. These specific illnesses/injuries necessitate targeted treatment approaches and specific medical and rehabilitative equipment and therapies such neurorehabilitative therapy, bariatric care, burn and wound care, ventilator treatment and more.

Complex care is given to patients with long-term complicated health issues stemming from acquired and traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, ongoing respiratory or pulmonary conditions, to name a few. These patients may require specialized care involving feeding tubes, ventilators, special rehabilitation equipment or learning devices. Many of these conditions impact many parts of the body and care requires an interdisciplinary team of qualified health professionals to allow a full continuum of care. This includes providing these patients with the tools necessary to gain the highest level of independence possible.

As with all debilitating illnesses or injuries, caring for a patient with complex medical issues requires the development of an individualized care plan and an integrated whole-body medical treatment approach. Finally, it’s important to provide a safe and friendly environment conducive to a quicker recovery.