Pediatric Care

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We understand the unique needs of children.

HealthBridge offers a sub-acute long-term pediatric care program in Orange, California with residential and outpatient options. We provide children with a safe, non-institutional environment while they receive specialized, skilled care during their recovery period.

We’ve created an atmosphere conducive to the recovery of our young patients, with distinctly decorated rooms and rehabilitation equipment specifically designed for them. Our friendly staff makes every effort to make sure your child feels safe and happy.

One-on-one care focuses on the individual needs of pediatric patients.

We work one-on-one with the children for their individual needs, from pediatric brain injury rehabilitation to pediatric ventilator nursing care. Our pediatric occupational therapy team uses equipment that is both familiar and fun.

For example, “Wii-hab” is a fun and proven physical and occupational therapy performed with a Nintendo Wii™ home video game. It’s a dynamic and engaging method of improving motor skills, visual skills and cognition.

Parents are involved at every step of the process.

Our pediatric long-term care centers involve parents at every level of their child’s recovery. This positive family dynamic enhances and accelerates the healing process. And, through meetings with our interdisciplinary pediatric rehabilitation team, parents receive comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date reports on their child’s weekly progress.

Pediatric Sub-Acute Care

We provide pediatric sub-acute care for young patients who require 24-hour a day medical support that they cannot be provided at home. Our facility is committed to creating a compassionate environment that supports children emotionally while also providing the state-of-the-art medical treatment that they require.

Outpatient Pediatric Rehab Services

For patients who do not need the level of support offered by our inpatient services, HealthBridge Orange offers outpatient pediatric rehab. Pediatric outpatients have access to the same specialized care and individualized therapies as our resident patients.

Pediatric Acute Care

HealthBridge is licensed to provide pediatric acute care at our specialty pediatric hospital. Our medical team has extensive experience caring for both traumatic and acquired injuries and illnesses in children of all ages. Just like our long-term and outpatient services, we offer pediatric acute rehab in a non-institutional environment that promotes healing.

Our pediatric services are currently offered at the HealthBridge Orange Specialty Pediatric Hospital in Orange, California.

HealthBridge…Where specialized care begins and hope never ends

Commonly Asked Questions

A broad range of medical and rehabilitation options are provided at our pediatric facilities, ranging from acute care to post-acute care. Intensive therapy is available to restore a child to optimal functioning following a catastrophic illness or injury. In addition, subacute care allows for continued medical monitoring, rehabilitation and integration back to home life. The outpatient program will provide therapy for those needing ongoing physical, speech and occupational therapy after they’ve left the facility.

Upon admission, our interdisciplinary treatment team comprised of physicians, nurses, case managers, therapists and dietitians, will assess your child’s medical problems and functional deficits. Based on this thorough evaluation, an individualized care plan will be developed outlining treatment goals.

Our typical staff-to-patient ratio is 1:4. In addition, a physician is available 24 hours per days, 7 days per week by telephone if not in-house rounding on their patients. Emergency protocols are always in place.

In addition to ongoing therapy, a child’s day will have time for both rest and play. We have dedicated outdoor and indoor play space as well as an Activities Director who provides ongoing interactive activities that are not only fun, but provide functional benefits as well.

Yes. Upon admission, an educational plan will be developed which is consistent with guidelines set forth by the local school district. All school age children are evaluated for educational services which are delivered at your child’s developmental/educational level.

A parent has the option to spend the night with their child at all times. Siblings and other family members must adhere to the facility’s general visitation policies.

While bringing valuable property to the facility is discouraged, we encourage bringing favorite toys, stuffed animals (must be washable) and photos to help your child feel comfortable. Pet visits can be coordinated with facility staff.

If a child enters the facility with his/her own equipment (including eyeglasses) it will be evaluated and used if possible. Any needed equipment during and after your child’s will be obtained as ordered by the physician.