Wound Treatment

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Inpatient Wound Care

HealthBridge staff members are experienced in effective wound care. Complex wounds are frequently part of the equation with many of our patients facing recovery from medically complex injuries and illnesses. You can be confident that expert wound treatment will allow your loved one to focus on regaining their strength while wounds heal.

Complex Wound Treatment

Complex wounds require complex care that is individualized to fit the unique situation. Our staff develops a customized wound care treatment plan to fit the needs of each patient, integrating the plan with any other necessary care.

Complicated surgical wounds, stage IV pressure injuries, burns and other complex wounds are all within our area of expertise. We provide complex wound dressing, wound VAC treatments and other care depending on the specific situation. Simply put, you can expect state-of-the-art wound treatment from our staff.

Burn Wound Care

In addition to treating a range of complex wounds, our staff is experienced in burn wound care, providing inpatient burn treatment for third-degree burns. Serious burns can create serious complications if not treated effectively, increasing the importance for consistent care after a hospital visit.

Since we focus on treating complex injuries of all types, our staff is uniquely qualified to manage wound care for a complex burn and any other injuries that may have occurred at the time of the burn.

Complex Care in a Home-Like Environment

HealthBridge offers the highest quality care in a home-like environment. We believe that a comfortable and welcoming space provides a better atmosphere for healing than a hospital.

Our complex care and rehabilitation nursing facilities deliver trustworthy subacute care to ensure your loved one recovers as effectively as possible. Let us be your bridge from hospital to home.

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Commonly Asked Questions


  • When a wound fails to heal after 30 days, it is reclassified as a chronic wound.
  • The number of people with chronic wound is greater than the number of people with lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.
  • Chronic wounds are an epidemic. More than 8 million Medicare beneficiaries have at least one type of wound or infection.
  • Every year, nearly 7 million patients in the US are diagnosed with chronic wounds.
  • Nearly 30 percent of long-term post-acute care patients develop pressure ulcers.