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HealthBridge is excited to announce that we offer continuing education credits for our case management community. These credits will be offered for participation in webinar-based courses. Information about each course will be available on this page once the courses are scheduled.

What Are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are a form of certification offered to those who participate in verified non-degree based educational programs and are often used for renewing professional licenses. These programs play a vital role in educating healthcare workers about the latest methods of caring for patients. CEUs will be awarded for participation in any one of our series of courses.

HealthBridge Webinar Series

The Neurobiology of Psychosocial Functioning

Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 1:00 pm CT

An invitation to attend a CEU webinar entitled The Neurobiology of Psychosocial Functioning on June 24 at 1 pm CT.


This presentation will explore the neurobiological aspects of psychosocial functioning in the context of psychosocial rehabilitation with acquired and traumatic brain injury patients. The discussion will identify cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioral areas of functioning that are impacted by a brain injury, while exploring options for helping clients and their families cope with the impact these factors have on everyday living.

Areas to be discussed include: short- and long-term memory, attention, concentration and distractibility; logical and abstract reasoning; expressive language; visual-spatial organization; fine motor coordination, planning, synthesizing and organizing; initiating and sustaining activities; mood and personality; and problem solving.


Dr. Savarese sits at a desk with a binder in front of him and a pen in his hand, engaged in conversation.George W. Savarese, PhD, L.C.S.W. is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of professional experience in education, administration, research and direct service in the areas of clinical forensic and medical social work practice. Dr. Savarese earned his Master’s Degree from New York University’s School of Social Service Administration. His doctoral research focused on the development of a family-based behavioral approach to working with elderly patients and their families in order to maintain functional independence.

In addition to his service as adjunct professor of social welfare policy on the faculty of Governors State University, and as a Lecturer in social policy at the University of Chicago, Dr. Savarese has held clinical field instructorships with a variety of academic institutions including Loyola University, the University of Illinois/Chicago, Governors State University and the University of Chicago where he continues to train graduate students in clinical and forensic social work methods.