Polytrauma Care

Polytrauma Care Services

With years of experience treating patients with both traumatic brain injuries and medically complex injuries, HealthBridge provides effective and loving care for patients who have experienced polytrauma. Polytrauma is when someone experiences multiple traumatic injuries to two or more parts of their body. The complexity of balancing treatment for a traumatic brain injury in addition to secondary injuries requires a team that is able to create a highly unique treatment plan.

Nursing Management of Polytrauma

At HealthBridge’s complex care facilities, individualized care plans are created by a team of dedicated medical professionals. The care provided by our nursing staff is patient-centered, physician-driven and family-focused, creating a comforting environment for our patients to receive the highest-quality care available.

Our approach to the nursing management of polytrauma is to address each patient’s needs on an individual basis. We do this by delivering our state-of-the-art rehabilitation services in a way that works best for each patient while they’re in a home-like environment designed to encourage healing.

We are dedicated to supporting our patients and their families as we move through the process of recovery, always striving to improve the quality of life for our patients in every way we can.

Choosing the Right Polytrauma Treatment Facility

Deciding on the best complex care facility to treat your loved one suffering from polytrauma is an incredibly difficult challenge. Our team understands how much you want the best for your loved one and that’s why we work hard to provide the best rehabilitation we can.

We provide this rehabilitative care in an environment that’s community-centered and home-like – and that promotes relaxation while focused on rehabilitation.

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