Parkinson’s Care Facilities

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system that impacts an individual’s mobility, starting with a tremor and in many cases, eventually leading to decreased mobility throughout the body. While those suffering mild symptoms can carry on with much of life as normal, as symptoms worsen over time, many patients will require a Parkinson’s care facility to support their daily medical needs.

HealthBridge complex care facilities are well suited to provide Parkinson’s disease treatment and any other care that’s necessary in a calming and restorative environment.

Parkinson’s Disease Long-term Care

While there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, long-term care provided by a well-suited team can help manage symptoms and keep patients as comfortable as possible. At HealthBridge, a highly skilled and experienced team of doctors and therapists works together to develop an individualized Parkinson’s treatment plan that is updated as each patient progresses and their needs change.

Placing a family member into long-term care is always a difficult decision, but we’re committed to doing everything we can to make the transition as easy as possible.

Nursing Home Care for Parkinson’s Patients

While typical nursing homes may be capable of caring for your loved one’s basic needs, the subacute care available at HealthBridge means you can feel confident your loved one has access to the best treatment options available. Our high staff-to-patient ratio provides unmatched care for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s Disease Nursing Homes

HealthBridge complex care facilities provide nursing home care for Parkinson’s patients and others suffering from a wide list of medically complex illnesses and injuries. Explore our locations to find a facility near you.

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