Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Guillain-Barre Syndrome Treatment

Guillain-Barre Syndrome occurs when the immune system inadvertently attacks nerves instead of a virus or bacteria in the body. The resulting damage causes weakness, tingling and in severe cases can lead to paralysis.

The good news is that with effective physical therapy and medical treatment, patients suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome can make a full recovery. We provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy using the best equipment available.

Top-notch Care in a Healing Environment

At HealthBridge, our team of doctors, medical professionals and therapists have a breadth of experience treating patients with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

By offering our services in a comfortable, community-focused facility, we create a healing environment that supports our patients on their path to recovery. Whether your prognosis requires long-term or short-term care, our inpatient services will meet your needs.

Guillain-Barre Care Plans

We recognize that every Guillain-Barre Syndrome patient comes to us with a unique background and medical situation. At HealthBridge, Guillain-Barre syndrome care plans are created with each individual patient in mind. Our medical team works together to develop an individualized care plan that best suits the patient’s needs and makes careful adjustments as they work toward recovery.

Our Guillain-Barre Treatment Facilities

HealthBridge is a growing network of subacute care facilities throughout the country committed to providing exceptional care to our patients. Visit our locations page to find a Guillain-Barre treatment facility near you.

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