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St. Louis Area Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center

At HealthBridge, we’re committed to providing the best care available to your loved one as they work towards recovery. Choosing the best rehabilitation facility to treat your loved one is a challenging decision – we’re here to make it easier. Find our St. Louis location within the campus of Garden Plaza Senior Living Facility.

Whether you’re looking for long-term post-acute care or a supportive facility offering transitional care to help make the move from hospital to home, our knowledgeable staff provides expert rehab and medical services. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists develop personalized care plans to ensure patient progress continues in the best and most predictable way possible.

Our Current Services

This facility currently offers a focused set of services compared to other HealthBridge locations. For the time being, we are primarily a skilled nursing rehab facility with a focus on transitional care services like stroke rehabilitation and orthopedic rehabilitation.

We’re committed to helping every patient we
work with return home as soon as possible!

Our Rehab

HealthBridge St. Louis is close to all the attractions of the greater St. Louis area, but distanced enough to provide a quiet place to recover. The comfortable environment created on our campus is intended to promote healing and restorative function while providing the necessary medical and emotional support to both patient and family

This facility offers skilled care with both inpatient and outpatient services with 24-hour skilled nursing care. We create the ideal personalized medical plan for you or your loved one, no matter where you are in the recovery process.

HealthBridge St. Louis is located within the Garden Plaza campus, providing patients access to less intensive levels of care should they no longer require 24-hour nursing care but want to remain nearby.

HealthBridge St. Louis features

  • Intensive skilled nursing care
  • High staff-to-patient ratio
  • Proven clinical treatments and therapeutic protocols
  • Large rehab gym with state-of-the-art equipment and assistive devices
  • Private rooms with personal bathrooms equipped with showers
  • Well-appointed common areas, including lounges, dining rooms and outside courtyards
  • Family-friendly environment

Patient Activities

While the main focus at our St. Louis rehabilitation center is supporting patients in their journey towards recovery with therapy sessions and other medical interventions, research shows patients recover more quickly if their emotional health is also cared for. We offer a wide variety of activities to support our patients during their time with us.

Explore our St. Louis patient activities.

Find Out If Healthbridge Is Right For You

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HealthBridge Brochure

Explore our services and learn what sets HealthBridge apart from other complex care providers.

Download the Spanish Brochure Here.

Patient/Family Admissions Guide

Read our admissions guide to help you and your loved ones get oriented to your surroundings at HealthBridge. Download in Spanish here.

Download the Spanish Brochure Here.

Complex Care

Learn about the specialized services offered by the Complex Care Unit at HealthBridge St. Louis.

Residential Rehab Program

In addition to our medical post-acute care and rehabilitation program in St. Louis, we also offer a residential rehab program for injured workers who have sustained a neurological injury as a result of trauma or other related medical events.

Ventilator Weaning / Complex Pulmonary Care

Within our post-acute care and rehabilitation program in St. Louis, our specialized Pulmonary Care Program provides advanced clinical services to individuals suffering from injuries and diseases of the respiratory or pulmonary system, which includes the lungs, trachea, diaphragm, or other areas that impact breathing.